10 Fast Maths Tricks and Shortcuts

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10 Fast Maths Tricks and Shortcuts

Today I am going to outline every one of the maths traps that will accelerate your computation speed. I utilized them as a part of CAT and IBPS exam. I am certain that these traps will help you build your score. I have composed numerous articles in point of interest on these themes. Click on particular connections to get subtle elements.

List of Cool Maths Tricks


In this basic trap we have to adjust the condition and make the units digit zero. After all it is anything but difficult to duplicate when units digit is zero.

For instance – Find square of 43

= (43+3) × (43-3) + (3×3)

=(46×40) + 9

= (460×4) + 9

= 1840 + 9 = 1849


Vedic maths gave us the most straightforward technique to do complex augmentations rapidly. This technique can be immediately clarified with an illustration.

Duplication with 5

Just increase the number by 10 and afterward separate it by 2.

For instance 99×5= 990/2= 495

Increase the number with 100 and afterward less same number from the outcome. How about we take an illustration

Increase 32×99 = 3200 – 32 = 3168


Questions identified with blends can be effortlessly fathomed by alligation technique. By utilizing alligation we can wide organize of maths inquiries. Give me a chance to clarify this with a straightforward illustration


Cost of wine of $60 per liter. On the off chance that Samuel is including water with and offering the blend for $40 per liter. Overall revenue stays same. What is the proportion of water and wine in the blend.

Definite post on Alligation technique (Application on different sorts of inquiries)

Square root

Best strategy to discover square foundation of vast numbers is by separating the number into parts. How about we take a case

Discover square √ 1936

√ 1936 = √ 4 × √ 484 = √ 4 × √ 4 × √ 121 = 2×2×11 = 44

Disentanglement Techniques PDF

Time and Work

Each inquiry in time and work section can be illuminated effectively by discovering effectiveness of specialists or subject, (for example, funnels).

For instance – A takes 10 days to finish an occupation. B takes 20 days to finish the same employment. In how long they will finish the employment on the off chance that they cooperate ?

An’s effectiveness = 100/10 = 10% every day

B’s effectiveness = 100/20 = 5% every days

An and B can do 15% of the work in a day on the off chance that they cooperate. So they can do the entire employment in 100/15 = 6.66 days or 6 days and 18 hours.

Definite post on Time and Work part (Practice questions)

Benefit and Loss

If there should arise an occurrence of benefit

25% of Cost Price (1/4 of CP) = 20% of Selling Price (1/5 of SP)

Essentially 1/3 of CP = 1/2 of SP

If there should arise an occurrence of misfortune

25% of Selling Price (1/4 of SP) = 20% of Cost Price (1/5 of CP)

Essentially 1/3 of SP = 1/2 of CP



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