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Reasoning Questions: Puzzles

Welcome to Online Reasoning Section in gkshort.in. Here we are making question test in Puzzles set, which is regular for all the IBPS,SBI exam and other focused exams. We have incorporated Some inquiries that are over and over asked in bank exams !!!

PO Prelims level Questions:-

I. Study the accompanying data painstakingly to answer the given inquiries.

Seven distinctive boxes P, Q, R, S, T, U and V contain seven unique organic products in particular viz., Guava, Apple, Banana, Mango, Pomegranate, Plum and Orange are organized one over the other. The crate at the base of game plan is numbered 1, the above box is numbered 2 et cetera. Box V does not contain Guava. Q is quickly above T. The container which contains the Banana is instantly underneath P. One and only box is between the Guava box and U. V is promptly over the Plum box. More than two boxes are over the crate that contains Guava. . Just two boxes are between the Apple box and the crate that contains Oranges. Just two boxes are between the container which contains the yellow-shading fruit(not Banana) and the case which contains Guava. The case loaded with Banana is neither at the top nor at the base of the game plan. Stand out box is amongst Q and the container which one is loaded with Apples. Q is put over the Apple box. R is put quickly above U. Neither R nor V contains Banana.


Position Box Fruit
7 R Pomegranate
6 U Orange
5 Q Banana
4 T Guava
3 V Apple
2 P Plum
1 S Mango

According to the given game plan, S is identified with Pomegranate and U is identified with Plum positively. To which of the accompanying is V identified with the same way?

A. Pomegranate

B. Orange

C. Banana

D. Guava

E. Nothing unless there are other options

Answer – C. Banana

Which of the accompanying sets of individuals possess the top, center and botttom positions of the course of action?

A. R, P, T

B. R, T, U

C. P, T, V

D.Q, U, S

E. R, T, S

Answer – E. R, T, S

Which blend speaks to the position of R and the natural product?

A. 5 – Pomegranate

B. 4 – Plum

C. 1 – Mango

D. 4 – Guava

E. 7 – Pomegranate

Answer – E. 7 – Pomegranate

Which amongst the accompanying orchestrated precisely in betwen U and T?

A. P

B. S

C. Q

D. T

E. Other than those given as alternatives

Answer – C. Q

Which of the accompanying natural product is filled in Box “P”?

A. Pomegranate

B. Orange

C. Plum

D. Guava

E. Nothing from what was just mentioned

Answer – C. Plum

II. Study the accompanying data painstakingly to answer the given inquiries.

Eight players(Both National level and International level players) in particular viz., P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W went to a competition by an Eight Seater Vehicle. Among the players Four of them play Hockey and remaining players connected with Tennis. There were four lines and every column contains two seats. No two national level players and No two Hockey players possessed seats in the same line. Q is an International level player however he didn’t sit either with V or With W. P and V are identified with same amusement. P and S are in either National level player or International level player class. P and V are in the same classification with W either in National level or in International level. Q and S are not identified with the same amusement. W who is a Hockey player did not sit in column 4. R sat with S. Both U and W are the players of either Hockey or Tennis. P and V sat in line 1 and line 2 individually.


Person Row Level Sports
P 1 National Tennis
Q 1 International Hockey
R 4 International Hockey
S 4 National Tennis
T 3 International Tennis
U 2 International Hockey
V 2 National Tennis
W 3 National Hockey

Which of the accompanying players identified with National Level Players Category?

A. P, R, S, T

B. Q, R, S, V

C. Q, W, S, P

D. V, W, S, P

E. Nothing unless there are other options

Answer – D. V, W, S,

Which of the accompanying blends of Person-Row-Level-Sports is right ?

A. P – 2 – National – Hockey

B. Q – 3 – Inter National – Tennis

C. S – 4 – National – Hockey

D. T – 1 – Inter National – Tennis

E. W – 3 – National – Hockey

Answer – E. W – 3 – National – Hockey

Which of the accompanying proclamations is valid as for the given game plan?

A. Q is an International Player and sitting in line 2.

B. R is sitting in line 4

C. T who is sitting in line 3 plays Hockey

D. V is an International Player

E. The greater part of the given proclamations are valid

Answer – B. R is sitting in line 4

Who among the accompanying sits in Row – 4?

A. S

B. P

C. Q

D. U

E. V

Answer – A. S

Who among the accompanying sit with W in Row 3 ?

A. S

B. P

C. Q

D. U

E. T

Answer – E. T



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