Quiz On Percentage प्रतिशत पर प्रश्नोत्तरी

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Quiz On Percentage प्रतिशत पर  प्रश्नोत्तरी

Quiz On Percentage प्रतिशत पर  प्रश्नोत्तरीWe are daily upload Indian Constitutions Quiz  for 1st 2nd 3rd grade , Rajasthan police SI , patwar and other exam


  • 1. Two studentsछात्रों appeared at an examination.परीक्षा One of them secured 9 marks more than the अन्य  other and his marks अंक  was 56% of the sum of their marksअंक . What are the marks obtained by them? 

A 41, 36

B 47, 37

C 42, 33

D 24, 37

E None of these.

Answer C 42, 33

2.A fruit फल  seller विक्रेता  had some oranges संतरे  . He sells 40% oranges and still has 420 oranges संतरे . How many संतरे oranges he had originally?

A 670

B 700

C 760

D 755

E None of these.

Answer   B 700

 3.A batsman बल्लेबाज  scored 110 runs which included 3 boundaries and 8 sixes छक्के . What percent of his total score स्कोर  did he make by running between the wickets ?

A 95(6/11) %

B 47(7/11) %

C 45(5/11) %

D 47(5/11) %

E None of these.

Answer    C 45(5/11) %

  1. In an election चुनाव  between two candidates उम्मीदवारों  , one got 55% of the total कुल valid votes, 20% of the votes were invalid. If the total number of votes was 7500, what was the number of valid votes that the other candidate

A 3670

B 2700

C 5920

D 6745

E None of these

Answer   B 2700

 5.A student छात्र has to obtain 33% of the total marks अंकों  to pass. He got 125 marks and failed by 40 marks. The maximum अधिकतम  marks are

A 670

B 790

C 560

D 500

E None of these.

Answer   D 500

6.A housewife गृहिणी saved Rs. 2.50 in buying an item आइटम  on sale. If she spent Rs. 25 for the item, approximately how much percent she saved in the आइटम  transaction ?

A 6 %

B 7 %

C 10 %

D 9(1/11) %

E None of these.

Answer    D 9(1/11) %

7.A pipe पाइप X is 30 meters and 45% longer than another पाइप pipe Y. find the length लंबाई of the pipe Y?

          A 600/29 meter

B 37.25 meter

C 20 meter

D 50 meter

E None of these.

Answer    A 600/29 meter

8.On my sister’s बहन 15th birthday जन्मदिन , she was 159 cm in height ऊंचाई  , having grown 6% since the year  before. How tall was she the previous year ? 


A 150 cm

B 155 cm

C 172 cm

D156 cm

Answer    B 155 cm

9.Sumit सुमित  got 30% of the maximum marks in an examination and failed विफल  by 10 marks. However, Sujith सुजीत  who took the same examination परीक्षा got 40% of the total marks and got 15 marks more than the passing marks. What were the passing marks अंकों in the examination?

A 96

B 150

C 75

D 85

E None of these

Answer    B 150

  1. 30% of the men पुरुषों  are more than 25 years old and 80% of the men are less than or equal बराबर to  50 years old. 20% of all men play football. If 20% of the men above the age of 50 play football फुटबॉल  , what percentage of the football फुटबॉल players खिलाड़ियों are less than or equal to 50 years?

A 60 %

B 50%

C 80 %

D 85 %

E None of these

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