Seating Arrangement

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Today we are going to share strategy to share seating course of action (sitting plan) question sets.

Seating Arrangement





Solving Seating Arrangement

Circle is the most essential case from the exam perspective. The majority of the times Circle sort of articulations are there in exams.

From the exam perspective ,In many cases they give 8 man sitting in the circle.

In any case, Before Solving the vital thing is their ” Sitting position ‘.

Step 1 . Knowing NEWS! N= North , E= East , W=West , S= South



To recollect that this simply recall mix ” North – South ” and ” West – East ” which meets up to each other individually.

So recollect ” WE are Not Smokers” for mix

Presently simply put like this on paper


Step 2 : Picking Left and Right .

Confronting Center


Confronting Outside

On the off chance that It is notice in the announcement that all is confronting outside then simply do inverse of above like this:

Clock astute = Right and Anti-clock savvy = Left

Step 3: Solving Step Wise the announcement or Following the announcement

Case :

Eight individuals E, F, G, H, J, K, L and M are lounging around a roundabout table confronting the middle. Each of them is of an alternate calling Charted Accountant, Columnist, Doctor, Engineer, Financial Analyst, Lawyer, Professor and Scientist yet not as a matter of course in the same request. F is sitting second to one side of K. The Scientist is a quick neighbor of K. There are just three individuals between the Scientist and E. Stand out individual sits between the Engineer and E. The Columnist is to the prompt right of the Engineer. M is second to one side of K. H is the Scientist, G and J are quick neighbor of each other. Neither G nor J is an Engineer. The Financial Analyst is to the prompt left of F. The legal advisor is second to one side of the Columnist. The Professor is a quick neighbor of the Engineer. G is second to one side of Charted Accountant.

Before understanding recollect

Persons Professions

Step 4 : Break explanation into Shortcuts

Explanation: F is sitting second to one side of K.

We can compose it as:


[ Note : The Above outline demonstrates that there is one spot empty between F and K ]

Will get this way:



Step 5. Applying these Shortcuts into Circle Diagram

Be cautious while situating or setting Scientist and Engineer.There you have to make two graph for each.

Step a) Pick wherever and place it there the one individual whom you need

to be set.

(Be watchful while picking that specific individual or component like here E, F,G,H,J,K,L,M,N )

The one individual or component you pick, ought to be relate with no less than 2 component of the announcement since it will make the other stride simple for you.Try to pick the co-relating component which help you to fill the most extreme space or seats or corners or places and Always pick the one in which you know the precise area (Left or Right).

Presently here i pick F. F relates with K and M

[Note: Don’t go again and again to read entire statement,just utilize the alternate ways that you have made ]

Step b) Now check whether the officially put component co-relate with some other here

The Scientist is a prompt neighbor of K.So here is the connection between K and Scientist.Now here we don’t have the foggiest idea about the definite position of Scientist.So Most of cases you will locate this sort of problem.When there is a two probability then it is Called ” T ” point.

Step c) Find whether there is any T point in a statement.Solve it by making two distinctive diagram.Like here 1(a) and 2(a) which will further be checked whether these outline fulfilled alternate issues or condition or articulation given in the question.If it is not then make other two diagram.Like Here (1b and 2b). Toward the end , you will get the answer.



In 1(a) and 1(b) We can’t position the individual G and J.So 1(a) and 1(b) chart is not possible.Now Move to 2(a).



In 2(a) Engineer can’t be set beside F.So 2(a) outline is impractical.




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