What is a conjunction

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What is a conjunction?

A conjunction is a grammatical form that is utilized to interface words, expressions, provisos, or sentences. Conjunctions are thought to be constant linguistic use molecule, and they might possibly remain between things they conjoin.

Sorts of Conjunctions

There are a few unique sorts of conjunctions that do different occupations inside sentence structures. These include:

  • Subordinating conjunctions – Also known as subordinators, these conjunctions join subordinate conditions to free provisions.
  • Coordinating conjunction – Also known as organizers, these conjunctions arrange or join two or more sentences, primary provisos, words, or different parts of discourse which are of the same syntactic significance.
  • Correlative conjunction – These conjunctions connect, working in sets to join expressions or words that convey measure up to significance inside a sentence.
  • Conjunctive verb modifiers – While a few educators don’t show conjunctive intensifiers close by conjunctions, these vital parts of discourse are justified regardless of a notice here. These verb modifiers dependably interface one condition to another, and are utilized to show succession, differentiation, circumstances and end results, and different connections.

At the point when individuals first figure out how to think of, they for the most part start with short, fundamental sentences like these: “My name is Ted. I am a kid. I like pooches.” One of the most vital employments conjunctions do is to associate these short sentences so they sound more like this: “I am a kid named Ted, and I like canines.”


Conjunction Rules

There are a couple of essential tenets for utilizing conjunctions. Recall that them and you will find that you’re composing streams better:

  • Conjunctions are for interfacing considerations, activities, and thoughts and also things, statements, and different parts of discourse. For instance: Mary went to the general store and purchased oranges.
  • Conjunctions are helpful for making records. For instance: We made flapjacks, eggs, and espresso for breakfast.
  • When utilizing conjunctions, ensure that every one of the parts of your sentences concur. For instance: “I work hectically yet am cautious” does not concur. “I work hectically yet deliberately” indicates assention.

Conjunctions List

There are just a couple of normal conjunctions, yet these words perform numerous capacities: They display clarifications, thoughts, special cases, outcomes, and differentiations. Here is a rundown of conjunctions normally utilized as a part of American English:

  • And
  • As
  • Because
  • But
  • For
  • Just as
  • Or
  • Neither
  • Nor
  • Not as it were
  • So
  • Whether
  • Yet

Example of Conjunctions

In the accompanying cases, the conjunctions are in striking for simple acknowledgment:

  • I attempted to hit the nail yet hit my thumb.
  • I have two goldfish and a feline.
  • I’d like a bicycle for driving to work.
  • You can have peach frozen yogurt or a brownie sundae.
  • Neither the dark dress northe dim one looks right on me.
  • My father dependably buckled down so we could manage the cost of the things we needed.
  • I make a decent attempt in school yet I am not accepting decent evaluations.



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