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English Questions: Idioms and phrases Part1

1. Once in a blue moon:point 1

Hindi-Kabhi Kabaar

Meaning-Something that happens exceptionally rarely[Because a ‘blue moon’ is a wonder that happens just extremely rarely] Sentence-She said: ‘I just go to bingo once in a blue moon and it was an off the cuff choice to go on Saturday evening.’

Equivalent words barely ever, never, hardly ever, seldom, at times

2. Shrinking away from the real issue:

Hindi-Baat ko ghumana

Intending to abstain from discussing what is imperative

Sentence-The President was steering clear of the real issue when the subjects requested a purpose behind the imitation of authoritative reports.

3. Chip on your shoulder:

Hindi-Matlab ki chip hai knde standard kuj bulne nai deti 😛

Meaning-If somebody has a chip on their shoulder, they are angry about something and feel that they have been dealt with seriously.

Sentence-He has a chip on his shoulder for being deserted by his folks in his youth.

4. Cry over spilt milk:

Hindi-Vyarth Pachtana [spilt-fta hau,ftte dhudh standard pcha k kya faida :P] Meaning-Complaining around a misfortune or disappointment from the past

Sentence-He was frantic in light of the fact that he couldn’t tidy the slice up because of a senseless slip-up. Be that as it may, then he understood there was no utilization crying over spilt drain and chose to wind up more watchful.

5. Let the cat out of the bag:

Hindi-pat se bol uthna [spill-failna] Meaning-Reveal mystery data inadvertently or carelessly.

Sentence-The minimal one let the cat out of the bag about the amazement get-away we had arranged.

6. Bit of cake:

Hindi-Assan Kaam

Meaning-Something that is straightforward or do

Sentence-I believed that breaking bank exams is troublesome, yet later it ended up being easy!

7. Surprisingly beneficial turn of events:

Hindi-Apratyakṣh kirpa-daan [pta na hona ki kya khas hai apke pass] Meaning-something that at first gives off an impression of being terrible or unfortunate yet is very

Sentence-Losing my employment was a surprisingly beneficial turn of events – I never would have discovered this one in the event that it hadn’t happened.

8. Come hellfire or high water:

Hindi-chahe jo b ho jaye

Meaning-Possible snags in your way (won’t stop you)

Sentence-I have chosen that come what may I will end up being a financier.

9. Taste of your own prescription:

Hindi-Mja Chkhana usi k tarike se

Importance Give somebody the same terrible treatment that they have given to others

Sentence-Tired of his embarrassment of me, I chose to give him his very own essence medication.

10. Brilliant handshake:

Hindi-Sunehri alvida

Meaning-An installment given to somebody who is made repetitive or resigns early

Sentence-The administration of the organization needed to diminish their workforce. They offered a brilliant handshake to their matured representatives.



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