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a word that depicts or gives more data around a verb, descriptor, modifier, or expression:

Full Definition of Adverb

A word having a place with one of the real shape classes in any of various dialects, ordinarily serving as a modifier of a verb, a descriptive word, another intensifier, a relational word, an expression, a provision, or a sentence, communicating some connection of way or quality, place, time, degree, number, cause, resistance, certification, or disavowal, and in English likewise serving to associate and to express remark on statement content — look at aide, conjunct, disjunct .

Detecting an Adverb

End in “- ly”

Numerous modifiers end in “- ly”. On the off chance that you are not certain of the grammatical form a word would be, and it closes with “- ly”, it is likely a verb modifier.

Example includes:

  • Financially
  • Willfully
  • Abruptly
  • Endlessly
  • Firmly
  • Delightfully
  • Quickly
  • Lightly
  • Eternally
  • Delicately
  • Wearily
  • Sorrowfully
  • Beautifully
  • Truthfully

Different case of qualifiers would be words that how something was done or the way in which it was finished. These eventual words like:

  • Uneasily
  • Weirdly
  • Cheerfully
  • Expertly
  • Wholeheartedly
  • Randomly
  • Brutally
  • Really
  • Briskly
  • Sloppily
  • Wickedly

A few qualifiers tell the spot of an activity, or where it happened. Qualifiers like this would be:

  • Here
  • There
  • Everywhere
  • Somewhere
  • In
  • Inside
  • Underground
  • Out
  • Outside
  • Upstairs
  • Downstairs


Case of qualifiers that tell when an activity happened, or now is the right time, include:

  • Now
  • First
  • Last
  • Early
  • Yesterday
  • Tomorrow
  • Today
  • Later
  • Regularly
  • Often
  • Never
  • Monthly
  • Always
  • Usually

Modifiers can depict to what degree something was done or an activity was executed, including:

  • Very
  • Too
  • Almost
  • Also
  • Only
  • Enough
  • So
  • Quite
  • Almost
  • Rather

Verb modifiers Are Intensifiers

One capacity of modifiers is to heighten the significance of the word it is changing. It does this by either putting pretty much accentuation on the word, opening up the importance of the word, or to conditioning down the sentiment the word.

Here are a few sentences with the underscoring intensifier underlined:

  • I really don’t care.
  • He literally wrecked his car.
  • I am certain of the facts, for sure.
  • You simply don’t understand.
  • I so want to go to the concert.

Sentences that enhance would resemble:

  • She totally dismisses his proposition.
  • I healthily embraced the new eatery.
  • I so need that new toy.
  • He totally comprehends me.
  • I totally decline to stay here any more.

Verb modifiers and intensifier expresses that tone down the inclination or temperament would include:

  • I kind of felt deceived by you.
  • You can enhance this to some degree.
  • She sort of preferences the motion picture.
  • The manager just about quit his occupation after that.
  • I fairly comprehend what you are stating.
  • She gently disliked his activities.

Modifier Phrases

Modifier phrases capacity like intensifiers. They can tell when, how, where, and to what degree or reason. Verb modifier expressions can begin with a relational word.

A few example of these are:

  • With a sledge
  • Next entryway
  • Before the occasions
  • Every month
  • For his mom

Modifier expressions can likewise begin with the infinitive type of a verb, as in these case: to purchase an auto, to bolster the group, or to demonstrate her mom.

Here is a rundown of sentences with the verb modifier phrase underlined:

  • He lived in the north of Germany.
  • We chose to purchase an auto.
  • She went to the motion picture each month.
  • I chuckled each time he broke a joke.
  • It is kept where the understudies can read it.
  • She looked as though she were blameworthy.
  • He acts like he claims the spot.
  • I went to bed after I completed my homework.
  • Please stay to the extent that this would be possible.



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