Concept for Time Speed and Distance

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Today we are going to examine a vital point Time, Speed and Distance. This idea is utilized broadly for inquiries identified with various regions of CAT, GMAT and Bank exams. For instance vessels and streams, trains, tickers and so forth.
1) There is a relationship between speed, Distance and time:
Speed = Distance/Time OR
Distance = Speed* Time
2) Average Speed = 2xy/x+y
where x km/hr is a pace for certain separation and y km/hr is a velocity at for same separation secured.
Remember that normal velocity is not only a normal of two rates i.e. x+y/2. It is equivalent to 2xy/x+y
3) never forget that amid illuminating inquiries units must be same. Units can be km/hr, m/sec and so on.
Conversion of km/hr to m/sec and m/sec to km/hr
x km/hr = (x* 5/18) m/sec i.e. u simply need to duplicate 5/18
So also, x m/sec = (x*18/5) km/sec
4) As we probably am aware, Speed = Distance/Time. Presently, if in inquiries Distance is consistent then speed will be conversely relative to time i.e. on the off chance that pace expands ,time taken will lessening and the other way around.



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