English Questions: Vocabulary

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English Questions: Vocabulary

Welcome to Online English Section with clarification in gkshort.in. Here we are giving some troublesome words from Editorials, which is vital for IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB and SSC CGL EXAM and other !!!

1. Invoke – जादू

Meaning – cause (a soul or apparition) to show up by method for an enchantment custom.

Usage – “they planned to invoke the soul of their dead companion”

Synonyms – implore, ask, ask, importune, support, hunger for, beg, plead, ask, supplicate, desire.

antonyms – nausea, turn off

2. Heist – चोरी

Meaning – a theft.

Usage– “a precious stone heist”

Synonyms – soften up, breaking and entering, escapade, wrongdoing, five-finger markdown, burglary, theft, pilferage and so on.

antonyms – give, offer

3. Crunch – की कमी

Meaning – squash (a hard or fragile foodstuff) with the teeth, making an uproarious yet stifled pounding sound.

Use – she delayed to crunch a ginger bread

Synonyms – emergency, basic point, core, trouble, crisis and so forth.

antonyms – trivia

4. Inferno – नरक

Meaning – an extensive flame that is hazardously crazy.

Use – “the inferno had cleared through the city”

Synonyms – Hades, blasts, no-limit pit, everlasting flame, flame and brimstone.

antonyms – paradise

5. Censure – वाद-विवाद करना

Meaning – debate reality, legitimacy, or genuineness of (an announcement or rationale); raise doubt about.

Use – “the father does not censure her ability as a decent mother”

Synonyms – raise doubt about, test, question, debate, inquiry, disagree with, indict.

antonyms – compliment, acclaim

6. Recoil – बच निकलना

Meaning – make a speedy, apprehensive development of the face or body as an intuitive response to dread or torment.

Use – “she winced at the corrosiveness in his voice”

Synonyms – jump, begin, timid (away), draw back, therapist, pull back, step back, bashful away, move back, pull back, wince, flinch, squirm, shudder, shiver, shudder, tremble, tremor, shake, quail, fall down, falter.

antonyms – confront,face,meet

7. Exorcist – जादू देनेवाला

Meaning – is a man who is accepted to have the capacity to cast out the fallen angel or different evil spirits

8. Veneer – मुखौटा

Meaning – a tricky outward appearance.

Utilization – “her impeccable open exterior veiled private hopelessness”

Synonyms – front, facade, face, viewpoint, height, outside, outside

“the house has a half-timbered exterior”

antonyms – character,personality.

9. Diaspora – प्रवासी

Meaning – the scattering of the Jews past Israel.

Use – the diaspora of pontoon individuals from Asia

Synonyms – disbandment, dispersal, dispersion,dissolution,escape,exodus.

10. Run down – पुराना

Meaning – exhausted or demolished due to age or disregard.

Use – “a column of haggard houses”

Synonyms – frail, shaky, rundown, separated, tumbledown, dilapidated, exhausted, forsaken, in remnants, demolished, going into disrepair.

antonyms – fit,healthy,young.



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