General Awareness Questions asked in SSC CGL – 27/08/2016(All Shifts)

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General Awareness Questions asked in SSC CGL – 27/08/2016(All Shifts)

Dear Aspirants,

A portion of the General Awareness questions asked in today’s SSC CGL Exam are recorded beneath. On the off chance that you have any more inquiries from the exam, then benevolently share it in the remark area.

General Awareness Questions asked in SSC CGL – 27/08/2016(All Shifts)

1.When kakori occurrence occurred?

2.Siachen ice sheet debate is between which two nations?

3.First female legislative head of India?

4.Government bodies not under the Attorney General of India

5.Desert with high gold stores?.

6.Highest wellspring of air contamination on the planet

7.Components in charge of corrosive downpour?

8.Which state has more education?

9.Highest wellspring of air contamination in world?

10.Boiling purpose of water relies on upon

11.CAG does not review which of the accompanying?

12.Monument called ‘long for stones’

13.FIFA Headquarters

14.Highest mountain crest of Eastern Ghats

15.Bubble structure in water due to

16.What is Zeolite

17.Loksabha meeting least prerequisite of individuals

18.Ramon Magsaysay victor 2016

19.Who delegates executive of open record panel

20.Who was first field Marshall?

Sufficiently 21.there on the planet for everybody’s need except not for everybody’s voracity” who said

22.which of the accompanying plan is not dispatched by current PM (AMRUT, Jandhan, AYUSH,etc.,)

23.Founder of Theosophical Society

24.First Indian award champ in Rio 2016

25.Which protein is available in all with the exception of protozoa

26.What happened when fluid achieves breaking point

27.Smallest nation around Indian Ocean

28.Why water spills and mercury sticks to glass surface

29.Which assessment is exacted by state govt (company charge, alcohol charge, traditions obligation and so on)

30.Which among the accompanying is not a goal of monetary approach (lessening disparity of pay, value security, creating livelihood)

31.Only Governor General killed in India

32.”A wonderful thing is a delight perpetually”- creator

33. How often was the term of the lok sabha developed upto 6 yr.?

34. The assertion of sacred crisis in an Indian state must be endorsed by the parliament inside?

35. To what extent can a Presidential law stay in power?

Quant Questions:

1.L.C.M. of 1.25 and 0.625

2.X+1/X=5, Then 6X/(X^2+X+1)=?

3.Temperature of a week is 47℃. Temperature of 6 days barring Tuesday is 42℃. At that point temperature on Tuesday was?

4.Amount of Rs.2000 is intrigued at Rs.40 per thousand for a long time then SI=?

5.tan(@+15°)=√3 Then @=?

6.A man purchased an article for Rs.4950. Gives two progressive markdown 20% and 15%. Discover offering cost.

7.The sweep of a circle and a half of the globe is equivalent. What the proportion of their surface territory?



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