List of SAARC Countries with Short trick gk

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Hi friends Now we are provide the Short trick with details of SAARC five Countries : The full form of SAARC is South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation.The SAARC Organization formed in December 1985 and current members of SAARC Organization is eight countery is Afghanistan , Bangladesh, Bhutan, India , Maldives , Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka but Afghanistan joined this organization in 2005. The purpose of  all SAARC Organization member is cultural development, economic,technical, social and Headquarter of SAARC Organization is in Kathmandu, Nepal. and we are also  show the SAARC Organization member list in image

first trick 

Short trick SAARC   (MBBS – PAIN)

M = Maldives, ( मालदीव )

B = Bangladesh ( बांग्लादेशभारत )

B = Bhutan ( भूटान )

S = Srilanka ( लंका )

P = Pakistan ( पाकिस्तान )

A = Afghanistan ( अफगानिस्तान )

I = India  ( भारत )

N = Nepal (नेपालपा)


SAARC-countries list
SAARC-countries list


second trick 


शार्क देशों के नाम List of SAARC Countries with Short trick gk
trick-“अब भारत भूमि नेपाल
अफगानिस्तान (Afghanistan )
बांग्लादेश (Bangladesh )  भारत (India  )
भूभूटानमि (Bhutan )   मालदीव (Maldives)
नेनेपालपा (Nepal ) पाकिस्तान (Pakistan )
लंका (Srilanka )


SAARC Countries List short trick






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