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A noun is a word that capacities as the name of some particular thing or set of things, for example, living animals, objects, places, activities, qualities, conditions of presence, or thoughts. A thing is an individual from a huge, open grammatical form whose individuals can happen as the fundamental word in the subject of a provision, the object of a verb, or the object of a relational word.
Classification of noun
A proper noun, place or noun or appropriate name is a thing speaking to exceptional substances, (for example, India, Jupiter, Harry, or BMW), as recognised from basic things which depict a class of elements, (for example, city, creature, planet, individual or auto)
Countable and uncountable noun
Number noun or countable noun are normal noun that can take a plural, can join with numerals or checking quantifiers (e.g., one, two, a few, each, most), and can take an uncertain article, for example, an or an (in dialects which have such articles). Case of number noun are seat, nose, and event.
Collective noun
Collective noun are noun that – not with standing when they are arched for the solitary – allude to bunches comprising of more than one individual or substance. Cases incorporate board of trustees, government, and police. In English these noun might be trailed by a particular or a plural verb and alluded to by a solitary or plural pronoun, the solitary being for the most part favoured when alluding to the body as a unit and the plural frequently being favoured, particularly in British English, when stressing the individual individuals.
Concrete nouns and abstract noun
Concrete nouns allude to physical substances that can, on a basic level at any rate, be seen by no less than one of the faculties (for occurrence, seat, apple, Janet or molecule). abstract nouns, then again, allude to digest protests; that is, thoughts or ideas, (for example, equity or scorn). While this refinement is now and then selective, a few nouns have numerous faculties, including both concrete and unique ones; consider, for instance, the thing workmanship, which normally alludes to an idea (e.g., Art is a vital component of human society) however which can allude to a particular fine art in specific settings (e.g., I put my little girl’s specialty up on the refrigerator).



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