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Price per Square Foot Calculator. Do you want to know how to calculate the price per square foot for flooring? All you need is the length and width of your space along with the price per square foot. Once you have these three numbers, the math is simple.

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laminate floor calculator - Unique Gift Ideas - mySimon is the premier price comparison shopping online site letting you compare prices and find the best deals on all the hottest new products! Shopping Results. Estimate Flooring Cost Per Square Foot; Laminate Floor Installation Cost;

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Flooring Calculator . Planners, calculators and more to make your carpet, laminate, hardwood, vinyl or tile flooring projects easier. After entering the dimensions of the room, click Calculate, and the calculator will provide you with the number of square yards of flooring you'll need. Note: Carpet and vinyl flooring is sold in varying

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Here you enter the amount of square feet of floor that you need to put underlayment/sub floor down on. Enter the square feet per sheet and the amount you charge per sheet to install and it will calculate the number of sheets you need, and the total amount to install them.

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This floor cost calculator presupposes that you already know the square footage of the area you are installing the flooring of. If not, you can learn how to calculate the square footage . There are several factors which are used to determine what it will cost to replace your flooring.

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Customize and create a list of favorite calculators.Feet and Inches Calculator(Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division)Fraction CalculatorLumber,

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Area Conversion is a easy to use application which allows you to convert areas to different units.It convert between acres, hectares, cents, square foot, square

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For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 120 square feet, the cost to Install a Seven Trust Floor starts at $8.01 - $11.64 per square foot*. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, size options.

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Flooring Calculator, Floor Area Calculator - Calculate the amount of flooring needed by dimensions

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The Square Footage Calculator estimates the square footage of a lot, house, or other surfaces. Bamboo costs between $2 and $8 per square foot, and has an average installation cost of $4 per square foot. 1. Laminate Flooring. Laminate flooring is typically made with plywood or fiberboard with a plastic laminate top layer, and can have a

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Resilient Tile Calculator. Tile Calculator. Try to get your figure down to a specific price per square foot, which will make it much easier to compare materials. Average Tile Project Cost. you’re replacing existing tile makes the installation easier, because the subflooring is already in place for tile flooring.

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Calculate project cost based on price per square foot, square yard or square meter. Calculate square footage, square meters, square yardage and acres for home or construction project. Calculate square feet, meters, yards and acres for flooring, carpet, or tiling projects.

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Flooring Calculator. Up to 5 separate rooms or areas can be calculated. If you know the cost per square foot of your flooring, the total cost can also be estimated. Please keep in mind that the calculation below will give you exact square footage and may not match how the flooring comes per bundle.