Tricks for Age Related Questions 06-07-2016

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Tricks for Age Related Questions

Age problems are a standout amongst the most well-known themes in IBPS, SBI, SSC 10+2, SSC CGL and different banks exams. Understudies squander bunches of time in this inquiry as it look exceptionally straightforward however when they begin tackling with triditional techniques, it takes a great deal of time. Today I am comprehending few unraveling with alternate way trap. If there should arise an occurrence of any issue, please remark beneath.

उम्र समस्याओं आईबीपीएस, भारतीय स्टेट बैंक, एसएससी 10 + 2, एसएससी CGL और विभिन्न बैंकों की परीक्षा में सबसे प्रसिद्ध विषयों के बीच एक असाधारण रहे हैं। अध्ययनों से इस जांच में समय के गुच्छों यह असाधारण लेकिन जब वे triditional तकनीक के साथ निपटने के लिए शुरू सीधा देखो के रूप में गंवाना तहत, यह समय का एक बड़ा सौदा लेता है। आज मैं वैकल्पिक रास्ता जाल के साथ कुछ समझने रहा हूँ। अगर वहाँ किसी भी मुद्दे की एक घटना पैदा होना चाहिए, नीचे टिप्पणी कृपया।

To spare time the wannabe showing up for an exam ought to attempt to get all around acquanited with a wide range of inquiries. This will spare time for staying harder inquiries that require more figurings.

खाली समय के लिए एक परीक्षा के लिए प्रदर्शित सामान्य किस्म चाहिए चारों ओर पूछताछ की एक विस्तृत श्रृंखला के साथ पाने के लिए प्रयास करने के लिए। यह कठिन है कि अधिक पूछताछ लगाना आवश्यकता रहने के लिए समय निकाल लेंगे।

Questions are basically asked in the following scenarios:

Present Age
Age Years ago
Future age
Average ages

Important Formulae:

For a brisk modification, let us first rundown different essential formulae for taking care of these issues:

** In the event that the present age is y, then n times the age = ny.

** In the event that the present age is y, then age n years after the fact = y + n.

** In the event that the present age is y, then age n years prior = y – n.

** The ages in a proportion a : b will be ay and by.

** In the event that present age is y, then 1/n of the age is y/n.

Types of Tricks:-

We will now utilise some alternate route tips to settle a wide range of age related issues for all competitive exams.  All traps are clarified through cases with the goal that you get a reasonable thought regarding how the alternate ways are connected to spare time.

Type 1: Present Age calculation:-

Q. 1). 10 yrs back, Arjun was half of Gaurav’s age. On the off chance that the proportion of their present ages is 3:4, what will be the aggregate of their present ages?

1) 20 yrs

2) 30 yrs

3) 45 yrs

4) None of these

Trick 1: Instead of present, consider the past ages to be in a connection of x and after that apply the equation.

Solution: Let the periods of Arjun 10 yrs back be x. At that point Gaurav’s age is 2x yrs.

At that point (x+10)/(2x+10)=3/4

Thus x=5

Aggregate of present ages=(x+10)+(2x+10)=3x+20=35yrs

Q. 2). Sargam’s age is 1/sixth of her dad’s age. Her dad’s age will be twice of Veena’s age following 10 years. On the off chance that Veena’s eighth birthday was commended two years prior, then what is Sargam’s available age?

1) 20/3 yrs

2) 24yrs

3) 30 yrs

4) None of these

Trick 2: You don’t have to dependably begin framing conditions from where the inquiry begins.

Solution: This inquiries can be tackled verbally, starting with Veena’s age and after that finding a connection with Sargam’s dad’s age lastly of Sargam’s.

Veena’s available age=8+2=10 yrs

Veena’s age following 10 years =10+10=20yrs

Sargam’s dad age ten years after the fact =2(20)= 40yrs

Sargam’s dad present age=40-10=30yrs

Sargam’s age=(1/6)(30)=5yrs

Consequently answer is 4) none of these

Type 2: Ratio questions on ages

Q. 3).  Tina’s granddad was 8 times more established than her 16 yrs prior. He would be 3 times of her age 8 yrs from now. Eight years back, what was the proportion of Tina’s age to that of her granddad?

1) 1:2

2) 1:6

3) 3:8

4) none of these

Solution :- Assume the age in the past given situation manufacture a recipe and settle it.

16 yrs back, let Tina’s age be x and granddad’s age is 8x

After 8 yrs from now tina’s age is x+16+8

Granddad’s age =8x+16+8

Consequently 8x+24=3(x+24)

X = 48/5

8 yrs prior, Tina’s age/Grandfather’s age=(x+8)/(8x+8)


Thus , none of these

Type 3: Calculating past age

Q. 4). A father said to his child, “I was as old as you are at present at the season of your introduction to the world.” If the father’s age is 38 years now, the child’s age five years back was:

1) 14yrs

2) 19 yrs

3) 33 yrs

4) 38 yrs

Solution: Assume child’s age to be x and after that discover a connection to Father’s age and explain it.

Gives child’s available age a chance to be x

The present time of father will be x+x=38

X=19 yrs

5 yrs back child’s age is =19-5=14 yrs

Consequently answer is 1) 14 years

Type 4: Average of ages

Q. 5). The normal age of a guiding organization of 20 understudies is 20.When the time of instructor is likewise incorporated, the normal will be expanded by 2 years. What was the time of educator two years prior?

1) 61 yr

2) 62 yr

3) 63 yr

4) 60 yr

Solution: This can be explained effectively by subtracting the ascertained aggregate period of understudies from the expanded normal aggregate to get the age and subtracting 2 from it. It can be additionally understood as given beneath:

The quantity of individuals has expanded by 1.

The new normal age is presently 22 of 21 individuals

So the educator’s available age ought to be= 22 + 20*2 = 22 + 40 = 62 yrs

Two years prior, the educator’s age= 62-2 = 60 yrs



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