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English Questions Vocabulary

Welcome to Online English Section with clarification in gkshort.in. Here we are giving some troublesome words from Editorials, which is essential for IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/Railway/ssc cgl/ ssc 10+2 and all competitive  EXAM and other !!!

1. heinous प्रबल

Meaning – extraordinarily awful; stunning.

Use – “shocking misuse of copyright”

Equivalent words –arrant,atrocious,capital,deplorable,extreme,flagrant,glaring,grievous,gross,heinous,infamous, insufferable,intolerable,monstrous,nefarious,notorious, outright,preposterous,rank,scandalous,shocking,stark

Antonyms – little,minor,secondary,slight

2. rendered  प्रदान की गई है

Meaning – give or give (an administration, help, and so on.).

Utilization – “cash serves as a prize for administrations rendered”

Equivalent words – give, give, supply, outfit, make accessible, contribute; offer, augment, proffer

“Burcham was immediately encompassed by individuals on edge to render help”

appear, show, display, reveal, show

Antonyms – “fragmented, fixed, unfinished, unperfected”

3. self-assertive मनमाना

Meaning – in view of irregular decision or individual impulse, instead of any reason or framework.

Use – “a discretionary choice”

Equivalent words – eccentric, unusual, arbitrary, chance, flighty, capricious, conflicting, wild, hit-or-miss, random, easygoing; unmotivated, motiveless, unreasoned, preposterous, unsupported, silly, strange, baseless

Antonyms – “prudent, judicious, sensible, contemplated, bolstered”

4. patriarchal पितृसत्तात्मक

Meaning – identifying with a patriarch.

Use – “a patriarchal society”

Equivalent words – loving, kindhearted, benevolent, mindful, ameliorating, committed, caring, affectionate, forgoing, delicate, liberal, kind, cherishing, maternal, matriarchal, nurturing, fatherly, patriarchal, defensive, shielding, steady, delicate, warm, vigilant

Antonyms – mocked

5. Observation निगरानी

Meaning – close perception, particularly of a suspected spy or criminal.

Utilization – “he got himself put under observation by British military insight”

Equivalent words – perception, investigation, watch, view, assessment, checking, supervision, superintendence; spying, secret activities, insight, covert work, penetration, surveillance; informalbugging, wiretapping, telephone tapping, recon.

6. Queasy वमनजनक

Meaning – influenced with queasiness; feeling slanted to upchuck.

Utilization – “a rank scent that made him queasy”

Equivalent words – wiped out, sickened, squeamish, bilious, wiped out to one’s stomach, green, green about/at the gills, sick, unwell, terrible; nauseous, carsick, queasy.

7. win 

Meaning – demonstrate all the more capable or prevalent.

Utilization – “it is hard for rationale to beat feeling”

Equivalent words – win, win out, win through, triumph, be successful, be the victor, pick up the triumph, convey the day

8. derecognize

Meaning – pull back acknowledgment of (an association or nation).

Use – “none of the offices will be permitted to derecognize any of the exchange unions”

Equivalent words – decertify

Antonyms – guaranteed

9. acreages

Meaning – a zone of area, ordinarily when utilized for farming purposes, however not as a matter of course measured in sections of land.

Utilization – “a 35 for each penny increment in net real esatate”

Equivalent words – back forty, scope, holding, package, plot, property, land

Antonyms – acreages

10. confirming

Meaning – sign or give formal agree to (a settlement, contract, or understanding), making it authoritatively legitimate.

Utilization – “both nations were expected to sanction the arrangement before the year’s over”

Equivalent words – fulfill, delight

Antonyms – repulsive, conflicting, tacky, brutal, contemptuous, mean, terrible, hostile, disagreeable.



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