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Could Cambridge Analytica boss Alexander Nix be probed for Apr 7, 2018 Cambridge Analytica's suspended CEO Alexander Nix could be investigated for meddling in the Philippines' 2016 presidential election,

Report on the 2004 Philippine Elections - National Democratic Institute election marked a significant opportunity for the Philippines to help restore Although the problem of vote buying is hardly new to Philippine elections,.

The many ways of buying votes - Rappler Mar 29, 2016 OFFENSE. Vote-buying and vote-selling are considered election offenses under Philippine law, but they still happen every election year.

How Cambridge Analytica's parent company helped 'man of action Apr 4, 2018 The company removed the website content about the 2016 Philippine election, however, archived versions are still visible on the internet.

Vote-buying still a concern in the Philippines as polls approach May 5, 2016 Most of the people who choose to sell their votes live below the poverty line, more concerned about putting food on the table each and every

Combating Vote-Selling in the Philippines The Abdul Latif Jameel Vote-buying and vote-selling can obstruct the democratic process, yet they remain When researchers asked voters in the Philippines to make a simple,

Philippines' leader did not buy data to win election - spokesman Apr 10, 2018 Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's election victory in 2016 did not rely on information bought from anybody and his campn team did not